Date Fri 17 February 2017

The thing that can help you address your problem with pestering ants is to call for an ant control Auckland. However, help could still be on their way and you might want to start with the process with your home remedies. You have a lot of help available over the internet or from magazines and books that you can apply on your home. One of the ways that you can start is to make some ditch around the places that they like to march around for food. You can also purchase some boric acid to pour around the areas where they are from to get rid of them. You can use some tools to properly place the acid. There are also chalks that contains special chemicals that when you swipe it over the places, the ants would not be able to go around. When there are a lot of ants in the house, it could be a lot of trouble because their bites sting and they could be everywhere. It is also a serious threat because some ants would crawl into your ears and that could be dangerous. It is really advisable then to get them out of your house because it would be such a nuisance.