Date Fri 10 August 2018

Renting a vehicle makes a huge difference when I’m on vacation and I’m thankful to Epic rental cars Kerikeri for making it possible. For instance, I can leave my hotel and go sightseeing or shopping whenever I want, without having to rely on public transport. It’s important to choose the right motorcar for my group in order to maximize our enjoyment and lower the costs. The number of persons in our group will determine the category of vehicle I choose to hire. Also, rear and middle seats in some cars may be alright for small kids but uncomfortable for adults. 

The next step is to pile up everything I plan to take on vacation, from bags to surfboards. The number of suitcases a rental vehicle can accommodate is always mentioned but they don’t consider oversize or weirdly shaped items. What I do is go online and find out the entire cargo capacity I will require for the things I will take and then measure my pile to ensure everything will fit. Fuel economy is also a consideration and I prefer hybrids because they have low gas mileage. Also, I have to strike a balance between comfort and gas mileage when choosing my rental car. 

I also consider the interior features of a rental vehicle, especially if I’m travelling with kids. Some car firms offer GPS systems, DVD players, and air-conditioning among other luxuries. However, these extras often come at a price but it’s worthwhile in order to have peace of mind when driving. Another important thing is to find out if my credit card or car insurance firm caters for car insurance. Before I settle on one firm, I have to compare prices. I will then inspect a vehicle for any damage, and ensure it feels safe to drive before leaving the parking lot.