Date Sat 28 July 2018
A bikini is one of the hardest outfits to accesorize. It's almost impossible to find what goes right with But alas, nothing is impossible if you put your mind to it. Here are a few accesories that will compliment your bikini look.
A little jewelry will enhance your bikini look even more. When adding jewelry to your bikini, do not go overboard with too much of everything, simple earings and bangles will do, preferably gold bangles.
Straw hat
In a bikini, you can never go wrong with a straw hat. This neutral coloured accesory will have you feeling like you were made for the beach. It's chick, casual, fun and most importantly it protects you from the sun.
Head wrap
Sophistication is the only word that best describes accesorizing a bikini with a head wrap. It's a flawless accessory that keeps your hair in place when the wind blows. Plus, there are so many ways to wear a head wrap. It's such a versatile accessory.
Lace cover-up
A lace cover-up is a simple go-to beach outfit to add to your bikini. It's super casual but also elegant. Paired with sunglasses, it screams I was made for the beach.
Long kimono
The long kimono is a beach and pool side bikini ready accessory. It goes well with any kind of bikini. It covers you up while showing off your bikini. And like the lace cover-up, pair this with sunglasses and look pretty pool side or slay at the beach.
Sunglasses are the most common accessory for a bikini. They are fun and stylish at the same time. With all the different shapes, colours, and sizes, sunglasses offer endless choices. They elevate your look while protecting you from the sun, now that is something you cannot complain about. Additionally, sunglasses can never go out of style, they are forever trendy.